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1.   Concerning p. 154: I think we actually can establish that persikai were imitated in Athens rather than simply imported from Persia, for there is a grave-stele from the Kerameikos with the inscription [quot ]Thrax Persikopoios[quot ] (see my [quot ]Fleissige Thrakerinnen und wehrhafte Skythen: Nichtgriechen im klassischen Athen und ihre archäologische Hinterlassenschaft," forthcoming, Kat. No. 116).  

2.   As for the stele of Myttion: can we be sure that she was not a barbarian? After all, there is no patronymic and demotic on her inscription, as was usual for Athenian citizens.  

3.   See e.g. the torso of a grave-statue of what must have been a high-ranking Persian (Athens, National Museum 2728; B. B. Kat. 42), who was buried at a prominent place in the Kerameikos; for the possibility of the depiction of barbarians on the Parthenon frieze cf. J. Borchhardt, Terra Ant Balc 2, 1985, 60-71; I. Mader, in: Festschrift für J. Borchhardt (1996) 59-64.  

4.   On p. 240, M. somewhat dismisses the idea that the Odeion might originally have been something like a [quot ]victory monument[quot ] of Athens over the Persians; if, however, one may compare the building of the famous (and in a peculiar way Phoenician-looking) Olympieion at Akragas after the battle of Himera, the idea retains some plausibility.  

5.   For a similar kind of phenomenon concerning slaves, servants - above all nurses -- in Athens who received grave-stelai with often touching epigrams from their masters, see the reviewer's forthcoming study cited above in note 1. -- There are still only few studies extensively tackling the interaction of two complex societies; yet it is clear that no complex society reacts monolithically.  

6.   The book is admirably produced, and there are only very few misprints; I found none at all in the whole text and only some minor ones in the bibliography (265-314): p. 280 at the bottom read Phrygische (instead of Phrygisches); p. 281, line 17 from above read Bildnis (instead of Bildniss), Herrscher (instead of Hersscher).

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