Bryn Mawr Classical Review 96.8.8

RESPONSE: Mastronarde on Bäbler on Zanker

To the Editors of BMCR:

I was very pleased to read the favorable review by Balbina Bäbler of Paul Zanker's The Mask of Socrates: The Image of the Intellectual in Antiquity (BMCR 96.8.4). and I agree with the concluding remark that the international discipline of classical scholarship requires students capable of reading German (and French, Italian, and Spanish) as well as English. But I do feel that some remark is in order about this particular case.

Neither the heading nor the content of the review notes that this book originated as the Sather Classical Lectures delivered at Berkeley in 1991 (see pages i, iv, and ix of the book). When a scholar accepts an invitation to be Sather Professor, s/he agrees that world rights to the publication of the book based on the lectures will belong to the University of California Press. As a courtesy to some Sather Professors, the UC Press kindly grants permission for the appearance of a version of the book in the author's native tongue (normally after the appearance of the English version, but occasionally simultaneously, as was the case with Paul Zanker's book because of the complex art program, shared by the two publishers).

Donald J. Mastronarde
Chair, Department of Classics
University of California, Berkeley