Bryn Mawr Classical Review 96.7.9

RESPONSE: Edwards on Too on Edwards

I welcome Dr. Too's generally favourable review of my Andocides (BMCR 95.12.19) and the kind sentiments expressed therein, but am please to have the opportunity to respond briefly on two matters.

On p. 12 Too takes issue with my attempt to justify study of Andocides as a worthwhile specimen of classical rhetoric by appeal to techne. Whatever the merits or otherwise of this admittedly traditional and less "agnostic" (p. 13) approach and Too's criticism of it, I find the subsequent statement "in citing Aristotle as a 'witness' to Andocides' value, Edwards misses the point that in rhetoric witnesses don't necessarily tell the truth but are always partisan supporters" somewhat flippant to say the least. The citing of Todd and Humphreys here is irrelevant, nor does the example given bear out the remark. Too refers to Andocides' use of aporrheta at 2.3 and goes on to connect this with an attempt to repudiate the view that Andocides is a parricide in 2.7. Too seems to take 2.3 as hinting at Andocides' confession during the investigation into the mutilation of the Hermae in 415 BC, but he is in fact alluding rather mysteriously to a secret service he has performed whose details are only known by the 500 members of the council (cf. 2.19).

In the following paragragh Too argues that I do not bring out fully the oligarchic nature of Andocides' self-portraiture in the speeches. This may be right, but I would point out that one of the indicators used by Too, "his archaic style", is problematic. Too refers us to p. 19 of MacDowell's edition, but MacDowell is there in fact arguing that Andocides' style was a mixture of both archaic and new elements.

Finally, it should be noted that the series is Aris (and Phillips), not Ares as in the heading (correctly given elsewhere); pace Too (p. 11) I do in fact cite Nomos, "the excellent collection of essays" by Cartledge, Millett and Todd, in my bibliography and frequently in the commentary; and last but not least vanity dictates that I indicate my name is not Mark but Michael!

Michael J. Edwards
School of English and Drama
Queen Mary and Westfield College
Mile End Rd., London E1 4NS UK