Bryn Mawr Classical Review 94.03.05


The Department of Classics, Yale University, will host a conference,

"Onstage Offstage: Self-Presentation by Body and Voice in Classical

Athens," on Saturday, April 16, 1994 at the Whitney Humanities

Center (53 Wall St., New Haven) from 10:30-4:00 pm.

The program will include the following papers:

Alan Boegehold (Brown)--

"How the Man in the Street Expressed Exactly What He

Meant to Say"

Eva Stehle (Maryland)--

"Men Speaking of Love in the Symposium"

Edith Hall (Reading)--

"Lawcourt Dramas: The Power of Performance in Greek

Forensic Oratory"

Donald Lateiner (Ohio Wesleyan)--

"Strategic Insult in Socratic Athens: Verbal and Nonverbal

Ridicule and Vulnerability"

Adele Scafuro (Brown)--

"Taking Risks: An Athenian Drama"

Barry Strauss (Cornell)--

"Fatherhood, or a Private Drama in Athenian Public Life"

Victor Bers (Yale)--

"Kosmios legein "

There will be no registration fee.

For further information, contact Victor Bers (snail-mail: Dept.

of Classics, Box 208266, New Haven, CT 06520-8266, or e-mail: