Bryn Mawr Classical Review 04.04.28


The TOCS-IN project recording tables of contents over a wide range of current classics journals is now not only on gopher, but has added WAIS indexing, which allows you to search the database for keywords and so find, e.g., which journals have recent articles on Aeschylus. If you maintain your own gopher client and want the menu item with both the WAIS index function and the files themselves, here is the information for your gopher client's manager.

Name=TOCS-IN: Tables of Contents of journals of interest to classicists

But I am happy to say that you can also get at this information by gophering directly to the gopher.lib.Virginia.EDU machine (under menu item 13, alphabetical list of resources) where John Price-Wilkin did the work necessary to get the indexing up, or as always by gophering to (under menu item 9, electronic publications). Robert Kallet-Marx and Philippa Matheson are owed a large debt by the profession for creating and maintaining this growing and valuable resource.

JO'D, 27 September 1993