Bryn Mawr Classical Review 04.03.10b

Letter from Ellen Bauerle

To the Editors:

As acquiring editor in Classical Studies for the University of Michigan Press, I am naturally gratified to see that S. Douglas Olson (BMCR 04.03.10) finds Steve Reece's monograph, The Stranger's Welcome, of the same caliber as those of Marilyn Katz and Simon Goldhill. In response to Mr. Olson's comment that manuscripts need to be read by "independent senior scholars," I am pleased to report that The Stranger's Welcome was read by two scholars who are very senior indeed: each has a distinguished list of publications including many books and very many articles and reviews. The readers' collective expertise covers, among other fields, the language and literature of Homer, oral theory and its implications for folklore, and epic literature in general.

Since my own doctoral work and dissertation were largely in the field of Roman history, I was very pleased to secure the helpful, not to mention favorable, advice of two such scholars in Greek literature. The quite detailed and lengthy reports included such phrases as "the analysis and commentary is very well done", "the viewpoint is sensible and moderate", "the scholarship is sound", and "it will be clear that I think Dr. Reece's ms. should be published in its present form", "the examples chosen to illustrate the thesis are excellent", "the scholarship is very sound indeed", and "this is a fine work of scholarship".

Having received reports such as these I not surprisingly decided to publish the work. The Executive Committee of the Press, which among other distinguished senior scholars includes several knowledgeable in Classical Studies and folklore, likewise voted enthusiastically to publish. We stand by our decision.