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Response Concerning NRC Report

Numerous messages react to my notes on the NRC department survey, none putting the survey's flawed data set in any good light. Here's one important reaction from a department not listed.


Date: Fri, 14 May 93 08:41:21 CDT
From: "Dan Hooley" (CLSTUDDH @
To: jod @
Subject: NRC report


Your preliminary reflections on the NRC data are both very interesting and a little disturbing. Lots of reasons for the latter, I suppose, but with respect to local concerns here at Missouri, I have to tell you that the data the NRC is reporting for us are not correct. I'll briefly summarize, since I am not at all sure anything can be done about it now. Just the same, here goes: the U. of Missouri does indeed grant the PhD; in fact it has just completed an over-haul of the Classics graduate program, replacing its old Classics/Archeology degree with one entirely administered by the Classics dept. alone. It is designed with an eye to contemporary issues & interdisciplinary study with designated concentrations in the Oral Tradition, Ancient Religion, Classical Tradition, Archeology, and (Classical and non-Classical) Rhetoric. We have built these concentrations on a strong foundation of philological training, under the assumption that