Bryn Mawr Classical Review 03.06.18


W.M. Calder, III and D.J. Kramer, An Introductory Bibliography to the History of Classical Scholarship Chiefly in the XIXth and XXth Centuries. Hildesheim: Georg Olms, 1992. Pp. xiv, 410. ISBN 3-487-096443-9.

Reviewed by James J. O'Donnell, University of Pennsylvania

This volume is neither introductory nor a bibliography. It comprises an annotated handlist of the holdings on the specified subject matter of Professor Calder's private library, amounting to 3147 items plus a few addenda. It is arranged with the compiler's, not the reader's, needs in mind, and demonstrates conclusively that the age in which a scholar could rely on a private library, with its patchy and erratic holdings, is long past. It will be of use mainly to anyone who will form an opinion of the erudition, taste, and judgment of the scholar who collected these books. Only a brave man would be so self-revealing. It is impossible to turn these pages without thinking of Elias Canetti's Die Blendung.