Bryn Mawr Classical Review 03.04.21

From the Editor's Disk

The students are moving back in at Bryn Mawr, a gloomy season when I have to give up having my choice of just any tree to sit under; the new UNIX boxes are almost installed (so by the time BMCR 3.5 appears, there will doubtless be numerous new glitches in delivery: be forewarned and forepatient), my syllabi are written, and the bottom of the summertime guilt pile is visible. The summer seminar on City of God was rich and exhausting, and led by a curious route to Hans Blumenberg's The Legitimacy of the Modern Age, a sort of German Foucault (if that's not an insult either to Germans or to Foucault), with much to say of interest, it seems to me, to those of us who wonder about the coherence of the units of study that we for the most part blithely accept and pass on to our students. Not light reading, but rewarding, I think.

Classicists are quiet folk on the e-lists; why, I'm not sure. The following notice will advise you or remind you that there is an e-list for our purposes, CLASSICS. There is also an ad hoc list for members of the Women's Classical Caucus who express an interest in being included, and they seem to be about finished with the last APA election just now, so it's a good time to sign up for that as well. ANCIEN-L has been a little livelier, and has a project to collect and redistribute e-ified tables of contents of current journals under way. Finally, there is a usenet newsgroup sci.classics, but I could not recommend that to professional students of the ancient world. Other announcements of lists and the like will be gladly reposted here. We've also begun to think about publishing reports of learned conferences, not necessarily only those limited to what a narrow view would regard as 'classics'. Volunteer scribes, preferably with a knack for capturing the ethos of the Small World, are invited to send along comments and reports.

JO'D 24 August 1992

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