Bryn Mawr Classical Review 02.07.10

From the Librarian's Disk: current work from Italy

A continuing concern of the editors of BMCR has been the difficulty in giving decent coverage to European publications. Numerous obstacles to timely information still remain. We have no snappy solution, but will try various devices. We particularly invite subscribers to offer suggestions, and for that matter welcome offers of reviews particularly of items that might otherwise escape wide American notice.

One makeshift: Herewith I send a selection of 1991 publications from Italy, derived from slips supplied to the University of Pennsylvania Libraries by Casalini, their Italian distributor. I have selected from a large stack supplied me by our Humanities Bibliographer, Stephen Lehmann, those with 1991 publication dates that seem to fall within the purview of BMCR. Some look rather non-scholarly, some are rather parochial, and I have included few if any bare translations (those that seem translated probably said on the slip that the Greek or Latin text was included, e.g., the Cic. Att. 1-5 and Petron. Satyr. early on the list), but I thought it would be as interesting to others as to myself to see the whole range of stuff that is being produced, much of which may never make it to American libraries in any quantity, or even to American journal 'Books Received' lists. I omit some things of lip-smacking interest, like the three volume edition of a 14/15th century translation of Valerius Maximus into Sicilian dialect.

[Poignant, at least to a reader of Canetti's Auto-da-Fe who thought the central character had a real nice apartment there, to leave through all these slips and think of all these books that I will not only never read, but never even see, with such an abundance of human experience in them. In the right mood, even an Italian translation of Sophocles seems likely to harbor within its pages some flash of insight, some heart-stopping turn of phrase, that I would rather not have to live without, but know that I must.]